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Blind Search

Here’s a fun idea (well, fun if you’re interested in how search engines rank their results): execute a search across three search engines at once, and choose the best results without knowing which engine they come from.   Michael Kordahi has created Blind Search, a “very very beta” site that lets you do just that.  He says on his blog:

I thought it’d be fun to see what happens when you do a search that doesn’t have branding. Are we swayed by the branding of our favourite search engines?

It’s certainly a good question to ask when you’re trying to compete with a company which has made its name synonymous with web search.  Koradhi is a Microsoft employee, but says: “This site is not affiliated with my employer, it is not a Microsoft initiative, it’s simply me having fun in my spare time.”  The  three search engines the sites compares are Google, Yahoo and Bing, which is Microsoft’s very latest incarnation of Live Search.

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  1. 1 liz

    Interesting thought that we are attached by branding to our search engine. But here’s a question: what determines the “best” results? The best result of the three search engines is chosen, but by what criteria?

  2. A lot of it is subjective, I think. It depends on the searcher and what they are looking for, and in turn what they find to be relevant.

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